Bump Timer

This mini app solves the shortcomings of the user experience of Apple’s native timer and ultimately challenges Apple’s use of a number picker component within iOS. A button press is one of the core building blocks of simple user engagement both on the desktop as well as any handheld device. The Apple timer instead uses an analog concept of press, drag, and release in their number picker component. The shortocmings are the following:

  1. Increased number of gestures to execute a simple task
  2. Requires a precision drag interaction which slows down overall task execution
  3. Haphazardly prioritizes numbers on the top and bottom of the list over others  
  4. Multiplies all of the shortcomings above by the number of lists you need to scroll through

By replacing the number picker component with large bump buttons a user gets the following:

  1. Timer selection and start can happen with a single button press
  2. Access to a much larger array of times on a single press
  3. Large hit areas of buttons mean saved time vs. precision interactions.

In addition to increasing the efficiency of the interactions the following features were added:

  1. Ability to set multiple timers
  2. Historical list view for one touch access to more timers
  3. Ability to save and name frequently used timers for future use