Portfolio Manager Order Entry


Portfolio Managers
• Manage single or multiple funds. 
• Funds may exceed $100B.   


• Portfolio managers resist change to their current work flow. 
• Current order entry system relies on dozens of columns of data. It’s 16 years old. 
• Users currently submit orders on 60” monitors. 
• Single orders may exceed $100M. There is no room for confusion in the process flow.


• Users are competing for Wifi at conferences and are not able to submit orders.
• Users travel frequently. 
• Increased pressure within the organization to provide a better digital audit trail
• A mobile platform may be a cognitive jump providing the opportunity to introduce different concepts for order entry.  


• Any keyboard entry greatly reduces a positive user experience. 


• Greatly simplified the order entry process for mobile. One portfolio manager recently revealed he no longer submits any orders at work. He goes home, sits on the couch with his iPad, and enters all orders through the app because of its simplicity. 
• Adoption of the app happens very quickly.
• Users rely on it solely while traveling. 
• Single users are submitting billions of dollars monthly.  
• Chief Investment Officer hails the product as innovation with an entrepreneurial spirit.  
• App makes FCAT’s wall of fame for the entire history of Fidelity. 
• The app sets a precedent for all other UXD projects when convincing business partners as to the benefits and reliability of order entry on mobile.